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What type of devices can be controlled by means of Exta Free system and EFC-02 Mini controller?

By means of Exta Free receivers the control of any device at home, in a garden, office or workplace can be possible. Taking into account the functionality of EFC-02 controller, it can be dedicated to control lighting (traditional and LED lighting) roller blind and gate drives. The application solutions in cooperation with RND-01 doorbell push button enable the realization of a “doorbell” function in your smartphone or tablet (functionality in preparation).

Can control of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation be carried out by means of EFC-02 Mini controller?

The controller does not have a functionality which can automatically control , based on the analysis of sensors, the heating system or air conditioning. Only simple manual control by means of transmitters created in the application is possible. These transmitters, after they have been added to the receivers of the system, can e.g. close / open particular heating circuit for the floor heating (by means of solenoid valves) or switch on / switch off the air conditioning / ventilation.

If the Exta Free system is already installed, can we integrate it with the EFC-02 mini unit?

Yes – without any problems it can be easily and quickly integrated. Controller EFC-02 Mini is only an additional element that allows to control the system by means of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) and to increase its functionality in additional scenes, time functions and sensor analysis. The EFC-02 installation does not interfere with the functionality of the current operating system. The quickest integration way is to transfer the transmitter’s physical functionalities into virtual transmitters by means of cloning. This function is available for all transmitters as well as individual push buttons.

What is necessary to install the EFC-02 Mini controller?

The EFC-02 Mini controller requires a connection to any Wi-Fi router. For such a connection LAN cable is necessary which is included in the set (1m). During EFC-02 startup in a router the DHCP service must be switched on. After power supply is applied the controller waits for its IP address that will be assigned by the router. A free extafree application is used to configure and control the system by means of the EFC-02. For Android system it can be downloaded from GooglePlay.
After the application is installed and the mobile device is connected to the correct Wi-Fi router, the next step requires entering the username and password: admin / admin. After entering the data, the system redirects to the main application window. Configuration or control of the system can be initiated.

After application startup the following message appears 'No gateway was found' - what must be checked?

Check LAN connection (if the following are switched on: LED LAN diode on the router and orange LED in the LAN socket of the controller)
check if your mobile device is connected to the correct Wi-Fi router (router must be in the same network as controller EFC-02 Mini controller )
– check if the LED on the front panel does not signal a continuous error of controller’s SD card.
In case of Internet remote access or in case the controller is in a different network than our tablet / smartphone, it is required to choose ‘Remote Access’ tab during logging (this option must be tikced in the login window). In order to use the remote access, first carry out an appropriate routing of IP address or port (to the Wi-Fi router or directly to the network administrator’s router) – here, directly contact the administrator please. The EFC-02 Mini controller has a default operation setting on port 2013.

Application login problems – what can be the cause?

If during login to the application, the following message appears “Wrong user or password” please carry out the below information:
– check if the entered user name and password are correct
– check if the LED on the front panel does not signal a continuous error of controller’s SD card.

If the LED on the front panel “SD card error” is switched on continuously, it means the SD card installed in the controller is damaged. The device must be returned for claim in order to exchange the card and possible configuration recovery.

What to do in case the controller reports SD card error?

Micro SDHC 4GB card is installed in a controller. It is required for the proper operation of the controller. The card stores all the configuration settings related to user accounts and necessary system login files for service. If for some reason connection with SD card will not be possible, the controller will report it by means of switched on red LED ‘SD card error’ on the front panel. In that case, it is necessary to return the controller to service in order to diagnose the problem, replacement of the SD card and if possible recovery of the configuration settings.

How the EFC-02 Mini controller is recognized in LAN network?

Each EFC-02 Mini controller has a unique MAC address and name by means of which the controller is recognized in network. MAC address and name have a default connection with the controller’s serial number in the Exta Free system. This number has a factory default setting during programming. The MAC address is fixed and cannot be changed by a user. The controller’s name can be edited by means of SETUP tab in order to fit our requirements, e.g. mieszkanie_1, mieszkanie_2.

MAC address and the default controller’s name are written on a label located on the controller’s bottom.

When is it required to change the EFC-02 Mini controller 's software?

Software change in a controller is necessary if the application requires an update. Each time after an application is updated, it is required to enter the “About System” tab and check the currently installed version of the EFC-02 software. Then in the “Download” tab on website, the current software version should be checked. In case of non-compliance a relevant software update must be carried out in the EFC-02 Mini controller.

How to carry out software update in the EFC-02 Mini controller?

  • Download current software version from
  • Connect EFC-02 controller to the USB port of PC.
  • The controller will appear in the system as an external memory “ZAMEL UPGRADE DISC”.
  • In order to update the software, delete the *.bin file located on the ZAMEL UPGRADE disc and then copy a new file in this place.
  • After the process of copying is finished, unplug the controller from the PC.
  • Software is updated.

What is the EFC-02 controller’s range?

Communication between EFC-02 controller and Exta Free system elements is carried out by means of radio 868.32 MHz frequency. The operation range depends on a device type the controller cooperates with. In the open air the range is typically from 150 to 300 m. Presence of various obstacles such as walls, ceilings, free on-site building system limits its range to about 50 – 60 m. In justified cases, it is possible to increase the range by the use of RTN-01 retransmitter.

How many users maximum can be registered in a controller?

In case of EFC-02 Mini controller maximum 10 users can be created. Each user can be assigned to the admin group or user group. All registered users can be registered (logged in) to the controller at the same time.

Is a remote connection with EFC-02 controller possible by means of Internet?

Such a connection is possible only for those users who have a permanent external IP address. Internet access is not possible in case of Neostrada where the external IP address changes dynamically. In case of a fixed external IP address it is important to start with appropriate routing.

If the external IP address is free, an automatic internal IP address routing to an external IP address option can be used, since it is seen in the LAN network.
It can be done in two ways:
-using the “Network Settings” tab it is required to manually set the controller’s IP address and its other parameters in the local network. Then, route this address to an external address we have.
– another way is to configure a router, so that the controller with a specified MAC address could receive by means of DHCP the same address in LAN. Then, this address should be routed to an external address we have.

If the external IP address is already not available, it is required to make use of the port routing function. The controller operates on port 2013 (default setting).
In case of Internet connection trial with the EFC-02 controller, during logging to the application please select ‘Remote Access’ option and enter the necessary data: external IP address – the controller is recognized as and port number. In case of operating on a default port, please enter 2013.

What to use cloning of transmitters / push buttons for?

The cloning function of whole transmitters or individual push buttons is extremely useful during transferring the currently operating Exta Free system to a mobile application. Using the cloning function the physical functionalities of transmitters can be directly transferred to the application of virtual transmitters. Typical behaviour is such that during creating a virtual transmitter in the application, it must be assigned to a real system receiver. In order to do it the PROG. push button receiver is required. Physically it means that we need to locate a specific receiver and add a transmitter to it. Very often, especially in finished objects it may involve certain difficulties. Then the cloning function is ideal. It is enough to create a virtual transmitter in the application and select the ‘Clone transmitter’ function. When the controller enters a standby mode, we need to press the push button of a transmitter we want to clone. After confirming the functionality is transferred to the application. Whole transmitters can be cloned only by their types, e.g., to a virtual RNK-04 transmitter only physical RNK-04 transmitter can be cloned. Cloning the push buttons is completely free. By means of this function it is possible to transfer the whole system to a mobile devices practically in few minutes.

Can the transmitters created in TRANSMITTERS tab be transferred to the HOME tab?

Functions assigned to push buttons in the “TRANSMITTERS” tab can not be transferred to the”HOME” tab.