Intelligent home
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Intelligent home
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Lighting control set already from 120EUR
of using Exta Free system

Comfort and time saving

Intelligent installation supports a user by means of an automatic home control and the same allows to save his time. Radio transmitters provide a comfort control from every place.

Energy saving

Exta Free optimizes lighting and heating control resulting in money saving.


Due to the application of motion, reed and flooding sensors the EXTA FREE installation takes care of the household members’ safety.
Exta Free system

Lighting control

EXTA FREE allows for traditional lighting and LED lighting control. It is possible by means of mobile devices and EXTA FREE transmitters. Apart from switch on / switch off and luminous flux intensity adjustment functions, the user has a possibility to create individual lighting scenes and time function programming.

Roller blinds control

The EXTA FREE SYSTEM allows to control roller blinds, garage and entrance gates and roof windows. The application enables local, central and group control with a division into floors and rooms in a building. Time function controls roller blinds according to a preprogrammed schedule.


The eXA FREE system monitors temperaturę by means of sensors. Its visualization allows for condition assessment regarding particular rooms and for its correction according to the user’s expectations.

Virtual transmitters of EXTA FREE system

Due to cloning function, it is possible to make a copy of physically operating EXTA FREE transmitters and control home by means of virtual transmitters. This application allows also for adding new virtual elements and creating their icons in the application and o the desktop of mobile devices.

Safety system

The EXTA FREE system is also an ally in terms of safety. Due to motion or reed sensors the user may at any time check if the windows and doors of the building are closed. On the other hand, the flooding sensor will detect water in a room.