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Latest update of Exta Free application !

It is a pleasure to inform that since 11th September 2014 the latest update of Exta Free application is already available. The update refers to mobile devices operating in the Android system. The application can be downloaded or updated by means of GooglePlay market. The update is available also on in „Files to download” tab. The latest version to be downloaded is v1.03p.

New application version offers:

– users’ settings synchronization with EFC-02 Mini controller
– a possibility to create backup
– a possibility of playing configuration based on the backup
– a possibility to play time functions / scenes from physical system transmitters
– reorganization and operation improvement of the “Time functions” tab
– a possibility to copy the existing scenes to the newly created scenes or time functions
– assigning the initial configuration to users
– improved operation stability


REQLUIRED SOFT IS V2.0.21. SOFT TO BE DOWNLOADED FROM – tab “Files to download”.



The software update in EFC-02 is carried out by means of a PC.
In order to carry out update the following must be done:

1. Download the latest software version from or (“software of EFC-02 Mini controller v2.0.21”)
2. Open the *.zip file.
3. Connect the EFC-02 controller to USB port of the PC
4. EFC-02 will appear in the system as an external memory ZAMEL UPGRADE DISC
5. In order to update the software, it is required to delete the file *.bin that can be found on ZAMEL UPGRADE DISC (v2.0.bin), next copy the new file (v2.0.21.bin) there.
6. After the copying process is finished, disconnect the controller from the computer (PC).
7. The software is updated.

An update does not influence the data stored in the EFC-02 controller – all settings shall be saved.

After the latest application is activated, there will be a request to carry out synchronization with the controller.
After its correct completion all of the data from a mobile device will be stored on the controller’s SD card.
All previously created time functions will be saved in the application from the controller’s memory.
In case of migration from an older version of an application to the latest one, there may appear undefined time functions or functions that were deleted from the controller but inefficiently – the functions must be removed from the latest application.
After migration, it is also required to check the status of individual time functions – active / inactive.
In case of problems please contact with us

Technical Department